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2020年6月26日 Nguyen Thi Nhien(DVM, Ph.D. Lecturer and Researcher, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Vietnam National University of Agriculture、さくらサイエンスプラン(SSP)同窓生)







・  外出は最小限とし、本当に必要なときのみ外出する

・  マスクを着用し、人との距離を出来れば2m保つ

・  石鹸でこまめに手を洗うか消毒液を使用する

・  定期的に家の掃除をし、窓を開け、健康生活を続けられるようにする

・  医療申告のため日々の健康状況を更新し、医療従事者や医療施設と定期的に連絡を取り合う




・  どのような状況下でも冷静さを失わず、自分自身と周囲の人を混乱させないため、情報を吟味して、フェイクニュースを避ける。

・  保健当局の規制や指示に厳密に従う。

・  人との接触を避け、オンラインでの研究活動を維持しながら、現地調査を行わず、科学論文などを積極的に読む。



A brief situation of the Covid-19 infection in Vietnam

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus was first recorded in Vietnam on January 23, 2020, with two confirmed cases in Ho Chi Minh City, both people from Wuhan city of Hubei province, China. As of March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam can be divided into two main stages of infection, with 22 days nationwide no new cases reported between the two periods. As of March 6, Vietnam began to record a series of new cases daily, most of whom were from epidemic regions in the world. Spread in the community is also taking place, this leads to the idea that phase three is beginning. As of April 10, Vietnam recorded 257 cases, of which 144 patients were discharged and no deaths were recorded.

What are the measures taken by your government to control this virus infection?

Vietnam has implemented measures to quarantine, monitor and restrict people from disease-free areas. Tourism and domestic trade are also limited. From 0 o'clock on April 1, Vietnam implemented social quarantine within 15 days, which is considered a higher measure to prevent disease but not a national blockade.

What has been learned in your country with regard to this pandemic?

Vietnamese people have the phrase "prevention is better than cure". In fact, countries that have been cautious from the start and take proactive measures to take precautionary measures will have less serious consequences.

Each person must be responsible for his / her health, even his life, for those around him and for the community and the country.

Comply with the following regulations:

・  Minimize going out, only going out when really necessary.

・  If forced to always wear a mask, keep the contact distance, preferably 2m.

・  Wash your hands often with soap or an antiseptic solution.

・  Regularly clean the house, clean it regularly, to keep it open and healthy activities.

・  Make medical declarations, update daily health situation, keep regular contact with health workers and health facilities.

How is this virus infection affecting your daily life and work? You might like to add in your other opinion?

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the income of workers was reduced, prices of consumer goods soar, scarcity of some items such as masks and antiseptic solutions, etc.

Due to the limited travel and contact, scientific research and teaching are seriously affected, which affects the project implementation schedule.

About my opinion:

・  - Stay calm before any situation, selective information to avoid fake news about the disease to avoid confusing yourself and those around you.

・  - Strictly follow the regulations and instructions of the health authorities.

・  - Avoid contacting people, maintaining online research activities, while not conducting field research, actively reading scientific papers, etc.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Nhien DVM, Ph.D. (Ms)
Lecturer and Researcher
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Vietnam National University of Agriculture


Keep a safe distance and always wear a face mask at the workplace


Because of the COVID-19 disease, children have to miss school and stay at home